The Faces Of The Inception.

Leadership has never been louder than this! These two rockstars are the foundation of this mass machine! Breaking the statues of the so called worldly ways, they stepped in as underdogs and conquered!

A year back they pioneered an idea, which is now making incremental traction, fueled by a team of dedicated individuals. It goes to show no matter how adverse the circumstances are, passion and focus at play always trumps adversity and enables growth to manifest.

Our formula was simple, remove your ego, ignore the naysayers and focus on growth and opportunity. Looking back from where we began, we are extremely humbled by our journey and looking forward to the possibilities that are yet to be.

Doing things differently is what we stand for and celebrate, and we are here to tell a story!

We wholeheartedly thank our team who stood and stand by us, as we set the foundation for scale. We always are & will be YOUR SHAWTY’S FAVOURITE BROKER!


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