Best interest rates with unmatched benefits for your home loan. Relax and address all your apartment financing needs with us. Special benefits for all Gloveh customers will be facilitated. Submit your inquiry and our banking agent will assist you.

Home Loan Features

1. Attractive interest rates
2. Grace period up to 5 years
3. Longer repayment up to 25 years
4. Residual option (up to 50% of the capital can be paid as final installment)
5. Flexible repayment of the capital as you decide
6. Step-up loan repayment based on your future increase of income

Eligibility To Obtain Housing Loan

1. Age – 18.70 years
2. Residential Status – Sri Lankan Citizen

Sri Lankan Citizens residing and employed in Sri Lanka

 Sri Lankan Citizens residing having business operations in Sri Lanka
· Sri Lankan citizens employed abroad

Type of clients

Salaried –Employed in a Private firm / Government
· Salaried – Employees working abroad
· Professional Customer Segment (Salaried & Business Borrowers)
· Business Clients

  • Minimum income requirement per month – Rs. 40,000-
  • Employment – Permanent carder with minimum 1 year experience in approved company by the HNB
  • Minimum Loan Amount – Rs 1,000,000-
  • Maximum repayment period – 25 years
  • Exposure – 75% from the purchase price under tripartite